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Sexual Violence Prevention and Support

Policy Statement

All individuals have the right to a safe campus environment, free from threats of violence. At Wharton County Junior College, harming another person by committing any form of sexual harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking is strictly prohibited.  Read full policy.

If you are experiencing an emergency, please dial 911 immediately.  If you have experienced, or know of an instance of, sexual assault on campus, report the incident using the WCJC Incident Report Form.

Sexual Assault Awareness Resources

File a Report

Report Sexual Violence

If you need to report an emergency, call Campus Security at 979-532-6523 or dial 911.

The Title IX Coordinator at Wharton County Junior College is charged with upholding the sexual harassment and misconduct policy, which identifies behavioral expectations for all faculty, staff and students. If you have knowledge of a WCJC employee or student violating the sexual harassment and misconduct policy, you are encouraged to notify the Title IX Coordinator of the incident via the WCJC Incident Report Form.

Please use this form to report any sexual harassment or misconduct involving WCJC employees and students. Reportable behaviors may include sexual harassment, exploitation, intimidation, cyber-harassment, stalking, domestic violence, dating violence or assault (note: this is not an exclusive list). When completing this form, we ask that you include as much information as possible. Please note that this form can be submitted anonymously; however anonymously submitted forms may limit our effectiveness in dealing with an incident.

If you have questions regarding completing this incident report, contact the Title IX Coordinator for Students at (979) 532-6905 or the Title IX Coordinator for Employees at (979) 532-6560.

Campus Resources

Counseling Services (979-532-6905) offers free, confidential counseling.  Current students may seek counseling and/or information and referral to off-campus resources.  Current employees may seek counseling consultation and/or information and referral to off-campus resources.  Counselors are available for all parties involved. As licensed mental health professionals, all information shared with those in Counseling Services is kept confidential, except in certain circumstances excluded by law.

Dean of Student Success (979-532-6905) may be able to offer resources including change of schedule or other reasonable accommodations.

Title IX Coordinators are designated agents of the College with primary oversight for coordinating the College's Title IX efforts.  The Title IX Coordinators work to ensure a fair and neutral process for all parties.  Students and employees are encouraged to contact their respective Title IX Coordinator with questions or to discuss Title IX related matters.

Title IX Coordinator for Students - Lindsey McPherson, Dean of Student Success.  Located on the Wharton campus in the Pioneer Student Center (2nd floor), Dean McPherson can be contacted at mcphersonl@wcjc.edu or 979-532-6905.

Title IX Coordinator for Employees - Rachel Bahnsen, Dean of Human Resources.  Located on the Wharton campus in the Administration Building, room 206, Ms. Bahnsen can be contacted at BahnsenR@wcjc.edu or 979-532-6442.

WCJC Security and Public Safety - 979-532-6465 or terronezd@wcjc.edu

Local Resources

Wharton Police Department - 979-532-3131

Richmond Police Department - 281-245-2849

Sugar Land Police Department - 281-275-2500

Bay City Police Department - 979-245-8500

The Crisis Center - Crisis Hotline - 800-451-9235

The Crisis Center - Bay City - 979-245-9299

The Crisis Center - Wharton - 979-531-1300

Fort Bend Women's Center - 281-342-4357

Houston Area Women's Center - 713-528-7273

Oak Bend Medical Center



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