Incident Reporting

WCJC Students and Employees should use the WCJC Incident Report Form to report any kind of incident in which a person may or may not have resulted in injury, illness, or damage.  Incidents may include sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, property damage, or other such event.  Information on the form will be sent to the WCJC Director of Campus Safety and Security and the College's Title IX Coordinator(s).

If you are experiencing an emergency, please dial 911 immediately.  To report an on-campus situation for immediate attention, call 979-282-1993.

All Employees, Residence Hall Advisors, and Campus Police Officers who receive a report must disclose all information to the Title IX Coordinator(s) and/or appropriate Title IX Officer.

EXCEPTION: A person who holds a professional license requiring confidentiality, such as a counselor or nurse, or who is supervised by such a person, shall not be required to disclose a report of prohibited conduct without the student or employee’s consent.

Complainants are strongly encouraged to report violations.  Complainants have the right to report violations without further participation in any follow-up investigation.  Retaliation for reporting incidents is strictly prohibited.

WCJC Incident Report Form

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