Academic Advising


Academic Advising


Academic Advisors, Academic Advising Specialists, and Counselors are available twelve months per year during normal college hours of business, Monday through Friday. They are available to answer questions about deciding on a major and the courses that lead to completing a degree in that major. 

Primary Advising Requirement

All First Time In College Students (FTIC) MUST meet with a member of the academic advising staff or their vocational department (if they are pursuing a certificate or AAS degree) prior to their first registration to satisfy the WCJC primary advising requirement. Face-to-face sessions with an academic advisor are preferred for FTIC students but online chat sessions with an academic advising staff member are also available. Please go to the PRIMARY ADVISING PAGE for details

Professional WCJC Academic Advising Staff Members

Academic Advising Specialist: assist students with reviewing degree plans, selecting a four year college for transfer and understanding transfer plans.

Academic Advisors: assist students with educational planning, discussing academic counseling related topics (test taking skills, study skills), career testing and exploration, reviewing degree plans, choosing a field of study, selecting a four year college for transfer and understanding transfer plans.

Counselors: assist students with personal counseling concerns (anxiety, depression, relationship issues, etc.), discussing academic counseling related topics (test taking skills, study skills),educational planning, career testing and exploration, career counseling, reviewing degree plans, choosing a field of study, selecting a four year college for transfer, understanding transfer plans,and may assist with disability services.

              2018-2019  Office Hours:         Monday to Friday                  8:00 am to 5:00 pm

                       Appointments are not necessary to meet with an academic advisor or academic advising specialist.                                                  Please contact a staff member from the list below to inquire about availability outside of regular office hours.

Students are strongly encouraged to plan ahead and see an academic advisor for academic planning assistance now. Students should see an academic advisor or academic advising specialist PRIOR to registration for the spring 2019 semester beginning on Thursday, November 1st.

 On campus Academic advising will be *unavailable* the following dates:

December 17 to January 2: Winter Break

January 21: Martin Luther King holiday

March 1: Meeting

March 11-17: Spring Break

April 18- 21: Holiday


Online Academic Advising

Welcome to Online Academic Advising.

To get started:

Please select the "Chat live" icon on the left side of the screen. An online academic advisor will be with you soon.                          

To leave a message, select the "Question/Message" icon on the left side of the screen. An online academic advisor will reply within one business day.                            

The Chat Live for online academic advising is available according to the below schedule.  Hours are subject to change.  


      Online Advising Hours  

      Winter break online academic advising available dates and hours:

        December 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27 and 28  from 9 am to noon


      Regular operating hours during the semesters follow:

      Monday through Friday:    9 am until 2:00 pm  and 3: 30 pm until 8:30 pm

      Saturday:                            8 am  until 12 noon  

            Online academic advising hours vary during college holidays. 

  If you have any problems with the Chat Live or Leaving a message, please contact a member of the academic advising staff listed below.  


Campus Tours

Campus Tours must be arranged in advance by appointment.  

Please contact Julie Aaronson (979-532-6455) to schedule a campus tour at the Wharton Campus 

Please contact Ruby Grace (281-239-1526) to schedule a campus tour at the Richmond Campus or Sugar Land Campus.

Counselors and Academic Advisors  by Campus

Richmond Campus


Ruby Grace, B.A.

    Recruiter/Academic Advisor   281-239-1526


Beverley Marks, M.A.,,L.P.C.

    Counselor   281-239-1527    


Sugar Land Campus


Mervat Mickael, B.D.S.

    Academic Advising Specialist   281-243-8413


Vershonda Williams, M.B.A.

    Academic Advisor    281-243-8414


Wharton Campus


Catherine Shoppa, M.Ed.

     Academic Advisor   979-532-6918


Samantha Perez, B.A.

    Academic Advising Specialist   979-532-6935 


Johnnie Svatek, BBA

    Recruiter/Academic Advisor    979-532-6431


Kay Gardner, MA

     Counselor     979-532-6441


Jimmie Flanagin, PhD

    Coordinator of Disability Services     979-532-6384




Sara Fira, B.A.

    G.P.S. Coordinator/Online Academic Advisor


Lisa Gabriel, M.Ed.

  Part time Online Academic Advisor


Courtney Bolin, B.B.A.

  Part time Online Academic Advisor 



Susan Denman-Briones, M.S., L.P.C.-S

Director of Academic Advising and Counseling    281-243-8422


Paying and Budgeting for College and Beyond   Use Texas Reality Check to help you match careers and earning potential                         Options for money to help pay for college

Financial literacy tools

Financial Literacy (budgeting, credit, debt management, saving and investing, resources)

Texas Success Initiative Enrollment Information


Students who do not meet the Texas Success Initiative Assessment standard created by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's Education Statute (applying to all public institutions of higher education in Texas):                          

  1. Must enroll continuously in college readiness classes (excluding summer sessions and mini terms) directly related to the section(s) of the test where the score in reading, writing or math does not meet the college readiness standards. The student must continue enrolling in the college readiness class each semester until they are college ready in all areas. Students must give priority in course selection to the corresponding college readiness class. Students who are not college ready in reading, writing, and math are required to enroll in college readiness classes immediately upon enrolling at WCJC if the student seeks enrollment in college credit courses that lead to an associate, level two certificate or baccalaureate degree.                          
  2. Must satisfactorily complete all coursework in the developmental sequence at the point of placement before enrolling in college level courses in those disciplines.                                      
  3. Cannot enroll in courses where college-readiness has not been met.
  4. Must meet with an academic advisor as part of mandatory advising/TSI remediation advisement until the college readiness courses are satisfied by either satisfying the TSIA by retesting in the area they did not meet the standard or completing the college readiness sequence with a grade of A,B, or C.                          
  5. Cannot graduate from an associate degree program or from a level two certificate program.















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