Student Services

WCJC offers a variety of student services and supports to help enable all students to be successful in the pursuit of their educational goals.  Our mission is to provide an inclusive and inviting environment in which you can develop, learn, and thrive!

Our Student Service staff is devoted to your academic success!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you have regarding your WCJC experience.

Office of the Dean of Student Success

Lindsey McPherson; Dean of Student Success    
(979) 532-6905;    

Vacant; Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Advising, Career and Transfer Center

To make an appointment, please call (979) 532-6388 or email or visit us here.

Mike Adkins; Director (Wharton)
(979) 532-6439;

Mervat Mickael; Academic Advisor (Sugar Land)
(281) 243--8413;

Vershonda Williams, Academic Advisor (Sugar Land)
(281) 243-8414;

Sara Fira; Academic Advisor (Wharton)
(979) 532-6457;

Samantha Cannell; Academic Advisor (Wharton)
(979) 532-6516;

Catherine Shoppa; Academic Advisor (Wharton)
(979) 532-6918;

Alexis Brooks; Academic Advisor (Richmond)
(281) 239-1593; 

Counseling and Disability Services

Susan Denman-Briones, LPC-S, Director (Sugar Land)
(281) 243-8422;

Kay Gardner, LPC; Counselor (Wharton)
(979) 532-6441;

Ayesha Kadri, LPC; Counselor (Richmond)
(281) 239-1527;

Disability Services Coordinator - Vacant

Financial Aid

For information about Financial Aid, please contact us at (979) 532-6345 or or visit us here.

Leslie Kolojaco, M.S.; Director of Financial Aid
(979) 532-6346; 

Learning Center

For information about Tutoring, please contact us at or visit us here.


To schedule a Campus Tour, please call (979) 532-6455.

Julie Aaronson; Manager of Recruitment
(979) 532-6455;

Johnnie Svatek; Recruiter
(979) 532-6431;

Armando Palomino McClure; Recruiter
(281) 239-1526; 

For information about Registration, contact us at (979) 532-6303 or or visit us here.

Student Life

NaQui Davidson; Director of Student Life
(979) 532-6519;

Kim Gubbels; Residence Life Supervisor
(979) 532-6388;


For information about Testing, contact us at (281) 239-1532 or visit us here.

Tina Kollmann; Coordinator of Testing Services
(281) 239-1532;

Trio SSS Grant

For information about Trio SSS Grant, please visit us here.

Jessica Falcon, Director
(979) 532-6478; 

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