Thank you for choosing Wharton County Junior College. As a precaution to keep our campuses as safe as possible, Wharton County Junior College requires students and employees to have a parking sticker displayed on vehicles parked on campus. However, the procedures for obtaining a parking permit and the costs associated with the permits may vary according to the campus in which you will be parking your vehicle.

We understand that you or may not be taking classes at more than one campus at the same time. As such, it is important that you understand the following:

· Wharton County Junior College issues one parking permit that is valid for parking at the Wharton, Richmond, and Bay City campuses,

· The University of Houston Sugar Land holds authority over the parking permits issued for students and employees parking on the Sugar Land campus,

· In cases where students attend class or conduct business at both the WCJC Sugar Land campus and also at another WCJC campus, they will be required to have two parking permits, one from WCJC and one from UHS.

Please access the links below to learn more about parking:

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