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Parking at the Sugar Land Campus

New Beginning Fall 2019

UH Parking Permits Required for

 WCJC Students Parking on the Sugar Land Campus

     The University of Houston Sugar Land now requires WCJC students parking at the Sugar Land campus to hold a UH parking permit.  As such, there are several options available for WCJC Sugar Land campus students to purchase a new permit as follows:

  • a one-year permit for $285
  • a single semester permit for $170,
  • an evening/weekend-only permit for $120, and
  • a rate of $2 per hour for visitors

     A carpool discount is available and includes that:

  • carpools of 3 or more receive a 50% discount off the permit price,
  • carpools of 4 or more receive a 75% discount off the permit price,
  • all students must be enrolled at WCJC Sugar Land, and
  • a carpool permit can be moved between vehicles.

     A no-cost option is also a possibility as follows:

  • up to 300 spaces will be available at Smart Financial Center (adjacent to the Sugar Land campus) each day at no cost and requiring no permit,
  • these spaces, however, are on a first-come, first served basis and are available only until 3 p.m. each day, and
  • a shuttle will transport students from the lot to the campus.

Instructions for WCJC Students to Purchase Sugar Land Campus Parking Permits

  • WCJC Financial Aid Students

WCJC students receiving financial aid will not purchase parking passes via the University of Houston, instead of purchasing the permits through the WCJC Sugar Land Business Office. 

Please complete the attached form and submit to the WCJC  Sugar Land Business Office.


  • WCJC Non-Financial Aid Students
Non-financial aid WCJC students may purchase their Sugar Land parking permit online with a credit card via the University of Houston's online system. Permits for non-financial aid students may be purchased as follows:
First-time use/password reset:  https://uh.t2hosted.com/cmn/email_recover.aspx



Employees Parking Permits

Employees should follow established employee procedures for securing a parking pass and are advised to consult with their supervisor if they are not familiar with these procedures.

Please complete the attached form and submit to the WCJC Sugar Land business office



     For more information, please review the information below:

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