1. Where do I get a parking permit?

Parking permits are available during registration at each campus. If you did not get a permit at the time of registration, you may pick up a permit at the Pioneer Student Center on the main campus, at the Front Receptionist Desk at the Bay City Campus or at the Business Office at the Fort Bend Technical Center and the Sugar Land campuses. You must have a parking permit no later than the first week of classes.

Warnings will be given for violations of parking regulations only during the first week of classes.


2. What information do I need to get a permit?

A student’s name and social security number or ID number, as well as the year, make, model, color and license plate number of the vehicle are required to get a parking permit.


3. Where do I display the permit?

Decals must be affixed to the lower left corner of the rear window or left rear bumper of the vehicle.  Motorcycle decals can be displayed on the windshield, the rear license plate frame or rear fender.  Vehicles with plastic windows or a soft top (like a jeep) may place decals on the front window close to the inspection or registration decals or on the rear bumper in accordance with college instructions. No exceptions.


4. What if I drive a different car than the one I registered?

A decal must be obtained for each vehicle that may be driven on campus or WCJC property.  Decals are available in the Office of Security and Public Safety located in the basement of the Pioneer Student Center at no cost.


5. Where may I park on campus?

Students may park only between the white lines at each campus. Parking and traffic regulations are set forth in detail in the Student Handbook.


6. Is there a fine for parking tickets?

Yes, each parking citation is $25.00. Fines should be paid at the Business Office on the campus where the citation was issued, or mailed to the attention of the Business Office at the address on the citation with the citation number noted on the form of payment. Holds will be placed on the records of students with parking fines.


7. Can I appeal a parking citation?

Yes. Students may pick up a copy of College Regulation 325 and an appeal form from the Office of Student Services at the Wharton campus, or from the receptionist at the Fort Bend Tech Center or Sugar Land campus. Appeals are made through the Summary Appeals Court. The decision of the Summary Appeals Court is final. Note: Failure to display a parking permit will not constitute a reason for dismissal.



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