Summary Appeals Court (SAC):  The Summary Appeals Courts meet monthly or on an as needed basis.

  • Appellants who wish to appeal in person before the court must notify the Summary Appeals Court in writing at least four (4) full work days prior to the court's meeting date.  Requests not meeting this deadline are held for the next court date.


  • Those who wish to appeal may do so by submitting a typed statement to the Summary Appeals Court.  All appeals must be accompanied by submission of the original citation.  Failure to produce the original citation, for any reason whatsoever, shall constitute evidence of guilt; and the appeal shall be denied.


  • Successful appellants will have their appealed citation(s) rescinded and be absorbed of all penalties.  Unsuccessful appellants are subject to the standard penalty.  The decision of the Summary Appeals Court is final.


  • More detailed information, contact the Office of the Vice President of Administrative Services on the Wharton Campus.


Citation Appeal Forms can be obtained in the Office of Security and Public Safety or by selecting the Citation Appeal Form link.

Inclement weather will not excuse parking violations.

Not having read the parking regulations will not be accepted as a reason for having a parking violation excused.

Citation Appeal Form 

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