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President's Lecture Series

Wharton County Junior College hosted a President's Lecture Series from 2003 until 2011. The Office of Marketing and Communications managed and marketed the series. Guest speakers presented lectures on topics related to cultural awareness. WCJC Speech Instructor Dr. Mary Austin Newman initiated the President’s Lecture Series program and played an instrumental role in securing guest speakers. The lectures were free, open to the public, and held in the Horton Foote Theatre at the Wharton campus. To learn more about the past President’s Lecture Series, please see below for past speakers and topics.

The President’s Lecture Series is free, open to the public, and a much anticipated community event. The series has provided a forum for the following lectures:

List of Past Speakers and Topics 

  • Standing for Freedom to Defeat Tyranny
    Presented by Leo Hymas, U.S. liberator of the Nazi concentration camp Buchenwald.

  • A Nightmare that Led to Love
    Presented by Helen Colin, a Holocaust survivor

  • From Wharton to Washington
    Presented by Fred S. Zeidman, Chairman of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council

  • A Journey from Africa to Texas
    Presented by Matthew Momoh and Judith Lahai-Momoh, co-founders of Saving Lives Through Alternate Options

  • Identity Development in a Diverse Environment
    Presented by Dr. T. John Alexander and Dr. S. R. Wilson, instructors of sociology at Houston Baptist University

  • The Mythological Legacy of the American West
    Presented by Bobby Bridger, recording artist, author, and playwright

  • The Pros and Cons of the New Immigration Proposal: Does the United States Need a Guest Worker Program?
    Presented by Dr. Nestor Rodriquez, director of the Center for Immigration Research and chair of the department of sociology at the University of Houston

  • The Importance of Cultural Diversity in Municipal Government
    Presented by M. J. Khan, Houston city councilman

  • The African-American Military Experience
    Presented by Captain Paul J. Matthews, founder and executive director of the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum

  • Seeing the Ocean Through a Drop of Water
    Presented by Yun C. (Grace) Li, a leader in the Houston Asian community

  • Reflections of the Holocaust
    Presented by Celina Fein, a Holocaust survivor

  • The Influence Czechs Have Made to Texas Culture
    Presented by Marvin Marek, president of the Czech Educational Society of Texas and founding member of the Czech Heritage Society Texas

  • Reclaiming the Hispanic Contribution to American History and Identity
    Presented by Dr. Nicolas Kanellos, founder and director of Arte Publico Press and Brown Foundation Professor of Hispanic Literature at the University of Houston

  • Remembrances of a Holocaust Survivor
    Presented by Walter Kase, a Holocaust survivor

  • Changing Political Times in Southeast Texas
    Presented by WCJC Instructors of Government Dr. Kingsley Ituah, Elizabeth McLane, and Linda Clark

  • Sam Houston and the Women Who Influenced His Life
    Presented by Joe Tom Davis, author and retired WCJC instructor of history

  • Holocaust Museum Houston: Making a Difference 
    Presented by Christina Vasquez, director of education, Holocaust Museum Houston

  • Differences and African Writers
    Presented by Dr. Kathryn Kendall, author and WCJC instructor of drama and speech

  • Full Circle, Full Throttle
    Presented by Dr. James “Doc” Blakely, internationally known humorist, musician, speaker, and author

  • The Evolution of the U.S. Secret Service Protection from 1865 to Now
    Presented by Robert Rosebush, retired WCJC instructor of history

  • Captain John H. Rogers, Texas Ranger
    Presented by Dr. Paul Spellman, author and WCJC division chair of communications and fine arts

  • African Women Writers: Three Joys, Three Sorrows
    Dr. Kathryn Kendall, author and WCJC instructor of drama and speech 
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