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Online Marketing Services

A variety of online marketing services are available for the departments, events and initiatives throughout the college. They are:

  • WCJC Primary Facebook Page and Home Page postings
  • Secondary Social Media Page Development 
  • Social Media Advertising- Facebook Ads

Steps for Requesting Postings on Primary College Facebook and Home Page 

Requests for Facebook and Home Page postings may be submitted for consideration by any WCJC employee. However, due to the limited area of online marketing space and scheduling, some items may not be selected for release. 

Step 1. Complete and submit a Submission For WCJC Facebook/Home Page Form.

Step 2. Check for postings

Please check the home page and Facebook page for posting.


Steps for Requesting a New Social Media Page (Secondary Pages/ Group Specific)

Requests for the creation of official secondary Facebook pages can be made by department heads, division chairs, club sponsors and leaders of areas within the college seeking to manage the requested page.

Step 1. Requesting employees may submit a Social Media Page Request.

Step 2. Upon approval of the request, requesters and all page administrators who will be participating in the management of the new page must plan to attend Social Media Training. 

Once your request is approved you may contact the Office of Marketing and Communications at any time to sign up for the training session of your choice.

The training will cover college social media policy and platforms in use for official college social media. Platform operations for individuals who need technical guidance or are new to the social media platform they will be using will be done on an individual basis as needed.

Step 3. Upon completion of the Social Media Training the new page administrators will be given clearance and official graphics to construct their own pages.

A Marketing and Communications staff member will serve as the social media administrator for the college, though page monitoring and maintenance are the responsibility of individual page administrators. All questions regarding social media platforms, posting, and operations should be directed toward the Internet Marketing Coordinator.


Steps for Requesting Internet Advertising (Facebook Ads)

Facebook Ads are a form of paid advertising. Departments are required to provide funding for paid advertising requests. To request Internet advertising employees must follow the established procedures for Steps for Requesting Marketing Services and submit the appropriate form to the Office of Marketing and Communications.

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