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Steps for Requesting Marketing Services

Employees are encouraged to submit requests for marketing services to support their projects and required to use the form located in the link below. Services offered may be found on the webpage below. After requests are reviewed, Marketing and Communications (MC) determines if the requests are approved for production. If approved, MC determines the project's target audience, the means by which the materials will be distributed to reach the target audience, and holds the authority for the development of marketing and communications materials, including and not limited to, design elements, photography, writing style, content, brand elements, and overall project direction. MC also determines the production and campaign implementation timelines.

 Marketing Services Form

Advertisements (30 work days)

All print advertisements promoting the college, except for those pertaining to employment and public notices, must be created by the Office of Marketing and Communications.  Advertisements may also include banners, flyers, posters and art for specialty items.    Employees are encouraged to plan six months in advance for their print advertisements.

Certificates (15 work days)

Employees should refer to College Regulation 732 Certificates for information pertaining to requirements for and types of certificates that may be produced.

Logo (5 work days)

Copies of the college’s logo may be found on the college’s intranet site.  Employees should use the posted logos, unless the posted logos do not fit their need.  In this event employees may request a logo from the Office of Marketing and Communications.

Collateral Materials (brochures)

The Director of Marketing and Communications will create a timeline for production for brochures, as the writing and design can vary greatly in scope and must be scheduled according to the complexity of the project.

News Releases (20 work days)

Employees are encouraged to contact the Office of Marketing and Communications when they
have news relevant to the general public for their areas. Publications located within the college's service area are not necessarily daily publications, some publish once or twice a week. It is important to consider this when planning for deadline or event specific publicity.

Photography Services (10 work days)

Photography services for publicity purposes may be scheduled through the Office of Marketing and Communications.  

Specialty Items (10 work days)

Marketing specialty items are available on a limited basis to support college recruitment activities throughout the year and may be reserved.  Departments that routinely engage in annual events are encouraged to plan and budget for specialty items to support those activities.

Table Top/Floor Display Requests (10 work days)

The Office of Marketing and Communications has a table top display and floor display available for employees to use when they rent booths at community events, recruitment fairs, job fairs, and business fairs.  The displays are available on a first reserved basis and must be returned to the Office of Marketing and Communications the following business day after any event.

Social Media Postings: Facebook and Homepage Postings

Requests for Facebook and Home Page postings may be submitted for consideration by any WCJC employee. Please submit with ample time to promote specific dated events.

Facebook/Homepage Submission Form 




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