Steps for Producing Marketing and Communications Materials
  1. Plan in Advance and Secure Necessary Purchase Orders: Employees should plan in advance and secure necessary purchase orders for projects that are not funded by the Office of Marketing, Communications, and Advancement. Please reach out to us to discuss your project regarding available funding.

  2. Submit a Marketing Services Request Form: Click here to access the form.

  3. Project Approval: Prior to approval, the Director of Marketing, Communications, and Advancement assures that the requested project represents educational programs and services offered by the College and that this is the primary emphasis of the request. The project must also be evaluated for relevance. Once Marketing approves a Marketing Services Request for production, the production process begins.

  4. Information Compiled: Marketing, Communications, and Advancement staff requests and gathers necessary information, graphics, and images to complete a draft of the requested project.

  5. Draft Created: A draft of the requested project is created.

  6. Approval Requested: The draft along with a production approval form is sent to the originator of the request to proof the materials for accuracy. When necessary, multiple approval signatures are secured for approval of content accuracy from various departments.

  7. Project Proceeds to Production: Following the completion of the approval process, the Director of Marketing, Communications, and Advancement serves as final authority on materials before they are produced.
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