Alumni Success

Northington, BudGeorge Heard "Bud" Northington IV - Associate Degree, 1966

The CEO and President of the historical Egypt Plantation landmark in Egypt, Texas, Bud not only loves history, he lives it. As a WCJC student in the mid-1960s, Bud's interests included agriculture, auto mechanics and business. "WCJC had great students and fantastic teachers and I built lasting friendships," he says. "I had tons of fun with drama, mechanic shop, music and sports." As a hearing-impaired student, Bud felt that he never missed anything during his time at WCJC as instructors and staff made accommodations to ensure he had a valuable college experience. "WCJC worked with me as a hearing-impaired student and really helped prepare me for university," he said. "I believe that WCJC and the Board of Trustees have done a great job."





hutchinson, jodieJodie Hutchinson - Student, 2001-2003

A Hungerford native, Jodie is another WCJC graduate who has come full circle, now spending her time in the classroom teaching the next generation of students the finer points of psychology. Holding a master's in psychology from Houston Baptist University, Jodie was one of only a very select number of teachers featured in WCJC's Teacher Effect campaign in 2014. The campaign honored instructors who had made a particularly significant impact in the lives of their students. Jodie is a big believer in the college. "WCJC is a wonderful place for everyone to begin their education - the student fresh from high school who has an education plan to the student who may have no idea what career they want to pursue to the non-traditional student who has served their family as a stay-at-home parent or caregiver and is now back in the classroom to focus on their education," she said. "As an instructor at WCJC, I have seen all of these students in my classroom and seen them be successful due to WCJC's affordable tuition, flexible schedules and quality instruction."




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