Online Training Programs (Required For All Full Time and Part Time Employees)

All Full Time and Part Time WCJC employees are required to complete the following online training courses:

  • Intersections: Anti‐Harassment & Title IX
  • FERPA Basics
  • Diversity: Inclusion in the Modern Workplace

New employees must complete all online training courses within one month of their hire date.  Your individual training link to your courses will be emailed to your WCJC email address by our training software. The email will come from Wharton County Junior College Online Training <>.

Accessing Your Courses:

The email will have a link called Complete Training. Once clicking on this link, a page with Set Password will be displayed. This page will have your unique Login ID and will ask you to create a password. You can save this email to access the training portal or you can go to https://www, click on login, and use your ID and password. Once logging in, the next page will show your Open Course Assignments. To begin training, click on Begin Course. You can leave and come back to the course at any time.

Sound or CC (Closed Caption):

The courses Diversity and Intersections have the option of sound and/or closed caption. Sound will automatically start with these two courses. If you would like to read the course information instead of hearing the sound, click on the CC box at the lower left hand corner and mute your speaker.


Please contact or you may visit EverFi’s 24/7 technical support center to speak or chat with a live agent or to submit a ticket. Click the Help link in the course to access this site or go directly there via the following link:

Certificates not required:

Upon completion of the course, there will be a certificate of completion. As in years past, you will not be required to submit a certificate or to notify HR. HR will track completion through the training website.


Training Programs

Specialized Training Available through Human Resources. Contact to schedule.

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