Installment Agreements


WCJC offers installment plan to assist students with tuition cost.

WHARTON, TEXAS - Wharton County Junior College is doing its part to help students continue their education in the midst of economic difficulties resulting from COVID-19.

Although the college routinely offers an installment plan, this Spring WCJC is offering a new plan in an effort to provide financial assistance to current student and those who are considering enrolling for the first time.  Under the plan, students will pay 20 percent of their tuition and fees up front, plus a $35 non-refundable enrollment fee, and then spread out the remainder of their tuition in equal monthly installments.

By enrolling as early as possible, students will have a longer term in which to pay off their bill and so will face lower monthly payments.  Enrollment begins November 1.

"Wharton County Junior College is concerned about the financial challenges student are now facing due to COVID-19," said Zina Carter, WCJC's Director of Marketing, Communications and Advancement.  "The college's administration is committed to providing an installment plan to help students continue in their education."

All registered WCJC students can apply for an installment plan.  Enrollment information is found at


This program allows students to spread their Wharton County Junior College charges over time. The cost is $35 per semester and must be paid at the time of enrollment. The 20% Variable Installment Plan is available for the fall and spring terms only. Enroll for 20% of the total bill  plus the $35 installment fee. The remaining installment payments are monthly with the last payment being on the first of the month before the end of the semester.

Enrolling in the Installment Plan

To enroll in the Installment Plan, you must first be registered in WCJC classes. Once you have enrolled in classes:

  • Login to Online Services on the WCJC website.
  • Click on Student Services & Financial Aid and select Registration followed by Registration Fee Assessment.
  • Select the current Term of registration and click Submit.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of page.
  • Click on Pay Now / Installment Plan (at the bottom of the page).
  • Click on the button Student Account Suite to begin enrolling in an installment plan.
  • For more detailed instructions, see How to Complete An Online Installment Plan

See Important Plan Information for Payment plan schedules.

For additional assistance, email or call the WCJC Business Office at (979) 532-4560 or (800)-561-9252.

Installment Agreements Board (Meal Plans)

Installment agreements for board (meal plans) are available at the Wharton campus. They will be added to your installment agreement for tuition and fees.


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