Bookstore Credit

No need to go to the Business Office to get bookstore vouchers, just go straight to the campus bookstore.

Bookstore credit allows students to get their books and supplies from the Wharton County Junior College campus bookstore and have the charges applied to their student account against financial aid and/or scholarships. 

Who is eligible for Bookstore Credit?

Students awarded financial aid and/or scholarships in an amount that exceeds tuition and fees.

How do I use Bookstore Credit?

For students who have been awarded Financial Aid and/or scholarship:

    1. Select the textbooks and supplies required for enrolled classes
    2. Provide the bookstore sales associates with your student ID and let them know that you have been awarded financial aid.
    1. Note: Your student ID can be found on your student schedule.

      • Access the WCJC website at

      • Login to WCJC Online Services

      • Click on Enter Secure Area

      • Click on Student Services & Financial Aid

      • Click on Registration

      • Click on Student Schedule by Day & Time
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