WCJC Strategic Plan

Institutional Goals

The Wharton County Junior College Strategic Plan is founded upon four overarching institutional goals:

  1. Ensure Student Success
  2. Align Educational Programs
  3. Invest in Facilities and Organizational Development
  4. Increase Enrollment and Retention

Student Success Metrics

A comprehensive set of Student Success Metrics have been identified to help monitor progress toward the achievement of the goals associated with the WCJC Strategic Plan and evaluate student performance and success.  An annual summary of these Student Success Metrics is provided to the campus community to promote awareness of outcomes and facilitate discussions regarding future actions.

Planning for the Future

WCJC is in the process of developing a new five-year Strategic Plan. During the 2018-19 academic year, numerous analyses of both internal and external data, as well as the administration of multiple surveys and focus groups with faculty, staff, and students.  This in-depth examination helped to establish a foundation for the new plan.

In academic year 2019-20, a Strategic Planning Task Force was formed to help identify the Vision, Values, and Goals for the institution's new plan.  From that framework, specialized committees and task forces will develop the Strategies and Metrics that will be used to move the college into the future.

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