IE Annual Reports

The Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness is dedicated to the timely dissemination of relevant data to ensure that the campus community is informed and data-driven. 


WCJC Fact Book

The WCJC Fact Book is updated on an annual basis and published prior to the start of each academic year.  The Fact Book is a comprehensive overview of key institutional data from all sectors, including enrollment, programs, student success, finance, and facilities.

WCJC Fact Book AY 2021

WCJC Fact Book AY 2020


Annual Institutional Analysis

The WCJC Institutional Analysis is completed every July and provides an update and analysis of how the institution is performing based on key state and national reports, including IPEDS, THECB, and Achieving the Dream.  In addition, this analysis provides comparisons to the institution's Medium Community College and Gulf Coast Community College peers.

WCJC Institutional Analysis - AY 2021 (COMING SOON!)

WCJC Institutional Analysis - AY 2020


Student Success Metrics

A comprehensive set of Student Success Metrics have been identified to help monitor progress toward the achievement of the goals associated with the WCJC Strategic Plan and evaluate student performance and success.  An annual summary of these Student Success Metrics is provided to the campus community to promote awareness of outcomes and facilitate discussions regarding future actions.

Student Success Metrics - AY 2020

Student Success Metrics - AY 2019

Student Success Metrics - AY 2018

Student Success Metrics - AY 2017




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