Student Information and FAQs

Course and Instructional Information

General Information

Instructional Protocols provide specific details related to course offerings, including identification of courses that can be offered online or in a hybrid capacity and courses that must be offered face-to-face.  Instructional Protocols will be maintained by the VPI for reference throughout the response effort.  Modifications to Instructional Protocols may be required depending on changes to federal, state, local, or institutional guidelines or recommendations.

    1. Beginning with the Fall 2021 term, all classroom capacities will be expanded to 100%, allowing for increased enrollment in face-to-face sections.
    2. The use of face masks/coverings will be optional for all faculty, staff, and students and may not be required within an individual classroom, laboratory, or office.
    3. The use of hybrid and online course modalities will continue to be offered, allowing for a greater variety of instructional options for students. In addition, all courses will maintain a course shell in Blackboard for ease of access and use in all sections.
    4. Students who are required to self-isolate or quarantine for any reason must maintain regular contact with their instructors and are responsible for ensuring that all work requirements for their courses are attended to within the course deadlines or that they drop the course by the appropriate deadline.
      • Faculty must coordinate with quarantined students, as needed, based on the standard WCJC guidelines related to excused absences.
      • There will be no extensions, exemptions, or modifications to WCJC student rules, institutional deadlines, payment refunds, or other WCJC policies for any reason, including student illness or absence.

How do I access my courses in Blackboard?

Blackboard can be accessed from the WCJC homepage or by downloading the Blackboard mobile app.  A Student Tutorial is available for students to learn how to navigate the system.  Student Resources are also available to provide support for distance learning.

Students must log in to Blackboard on the first day of an online or hybrid class!

What does the college recommend regarding computer and internet access for Fall 2020?

All students enrolled for Fall 2021 are highly encouraged to have a reliable computer with an external webcam. Additional distance education recommendations can be found on our DE Student Resources page.

Fall 2021 course offerings are subject to change, including during the semester, depending on federal or state requirements and guidelines. Students are encouraged to check their WCJC Student Email regularly for updates.

What if I do not have a computer or internet service?

Please notify your instructor immediately regarding any technological limitations you may face. On-campus open computer labs are available to students.

How do I set up my WCJC Student Email account?

Set up your WCJC student email. If you have trouble setting up your WCJC email, submit an IT Helpdesk ticket.

What library resources are available?

Students, whether on campus or remote, always have access to our full range of electronic Library Resources.

Will the WCJC Testing Centers continue to administer accommodated tests?

Yes! Contact us to schedule an appointment.


Student Support Services

Are WCJC Student Services still available?

Yes!  All WCJC Student Service Offices are available to serve you in person or in a remote capacity.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Do I still have the opportunity to set up an installment plan for Fall 2021?

Yes! Installment plans are available to help make college more affordable!

Are there financial resources available to help me pay for college?

YES! We have many scholarship opportunities available!

For students impacted by the pandemic, submit your Emergency Aid application today for up to $2,000 in free tuition assistance!

First-time-in-college students are eligible for up to $1,000 in free tuition just by registering for class!  Funds will be applied directly to your account.

As always, we encourage all students to apply for financial aid.

Will residence halls be open?

Residence halls will be available at full capacity for the Fall 2021 semester, on a first-come-first-served basis.  Cafeteria/dining services will also be available at full capacity for the Fall 2021 semester.


Student Self-Reporting

Students must self-report to the college for any of the following conditions:

  • Experience new or worsening symptoms associated with COVID-19; or
  • Received a confirmed positive test, are diagnosed with, or being treated for COVID-19; or
  • Are residing with an individual who has been diagnosed with or has been tested positive for COVID-19.

Self-Reporting Requirements

Students must submit a WCJC COVID-19 Student Self-Reporting Form immediately (within 24 hours) for any of above reasons.  Student self-report forms will route to the Dean of Student Success who will contact the student directly for additional context, as needed.  Names of individuals who self-report will not be released publicly in order to maintain confidentiality. 

As a general guideline, students who meet any of the criteria listed above must:

  • Submit the WCJC COVID-19 Student/Visitor Self-Reporting Form and notify their instructors immediately (within 24 hours);
  • Notify their healthcare provider and get tested (highly recommended);
  • Self-isolate, monitor their symptoms, and refrain from coming on any WCJC campus. Specific quarantine requirements will be determined following consultation with the Dean of Student Success.

Quarantine Period and Return-to-Campus Guidelines

Any student who has tested positive will be excluded from coming to campus until:

  • At least 1 day (24 hours) has passed since recovery, defined as resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and improvement in respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath); and,
  • At least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared.

In the event that a student is enrolled in a face-to-face or hybrid class offering, the Dean of Student Success must notify the student’s instructor(s).  It will then be the responsibility of the instructor and the student to make arrangements regarding continuation of coursework or the potential need to drop the course prior to the drop deadline.

WCJC will continue to follow CDC guidelines with regard to quarantine requirements.


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