Mary Ellen Meyer, Secretary

Mary Ellen MeyerPosition 5

Employment: Retired

Why I became a WCJC trustee: WCJC has been a major part of my life. I was a student for one year and one summer, and I was an instructor both full-time for 30 years and part-time for three years. Being a part of WCJC has been a very happy experience, and I wanted to continue that experience.

What I like most about being a WCJC board member: Being a board member is a completely different approach to the value and importance of WCJC for me. The challenge of the mechanics of operating and keeping the best interest for all students is exciting and rewarding.

WCJC benefits the community by: WCJC benefits the community in so many ways. I can’t begin to list all of them, but the one that means the most to me is hearing the students tell about their families and how proud their families are that their loved ones have had the opportunities that they never had, which is to obtain a good education.

How my experience with WCJC has affected my life: Being on the board has affected my life by giving me the opportunity to serve WCJC and my community.

When I became a board member: I was elected to the board in 2018.

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