Larry Sitka

Larry SitkaPosition 2

Employment: I am the owner of Larry Sitka Signs and Wharton Steam Laundry.

Why I became a WCJC Trustee:  I want to help build a stronger future through growth and development of WCJC so that it can continue to serve the community I love for years to come.

What I like best about being a WCJC board member: I like being able to have an active voice in the fundamental decisions of the college and how we will move forward, as well as having a front row seat to witness all of the good the college does in the lives of the our citizens. 

WCJC benefits the community by: WCJC provides opportunity to people in our service area that are looking to better their lives through education and gainful employment. The college also stands as a testament to the community's dedication to education stretching back over our long history.

How my Experience with WCJC has affected my life: My life has been enriched by Wharton County Junior College since the days I attended as a student, before transferring to Sam Houston State University where I received my degree in Business Administration. WCJC gave me the foundation I needed to succeed and I'm honored to be both an alumnus and a trustee. 

When I became a board member: 2016

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