Dr. Bret Macha

Position 9Dr. Bret Macha

Employment: Analytical Chemist for Shell

Why I became a WCJC Trustee: I became a WCJC BOT member because I have spent a significant portion of my life in higher education (BS, MSc, and PhD) while living in a variety of countries (USA, Canada, and Germany) and believe that junior college education offers some of the best return on investment that a student can garner, period. Our beautiful campuses are all within an area of the United States geared for tremendous future success due to the current political climate making development of the Houston region advantageous for many large corporations. I want to make WCJC and the education we offer noteworthy for producing top quality candidates to take advantage of this current situation.

What I like most about being a WCJC board member:  I think that I will enjoy the community interactions and ability to grow the WCJC footprint the most during my time on the BOT. I previously worked for the U.S. House of Representatives as a field representative (within Wharton, Jackson, Matagorda, and Calhoun counties) and absolutely loved the community interactions and rewarding experiences from helping with grant applications and funding projects for community development. 

WCJC benefits the community by:  I believe that WCJC benefits the community by being the primary step that a local resident can take towards higher education and an increased sense of awareness that they control their own destiny. Wharton city, county, and the WCJC tax district do not have very many means of attracting young talented professionals into the area and WCJC stands as one of the best methods to grow the overall average education level of the area as well as the average income level of the area.

How my experience with WCJC has affected my life: I grew up in Hungerford and went to Wharton High School (class of 2004). While attending WHS I took many dual-credit classes and had my first experience with higher education through WCJC. I truly believe that its influence on the community cannot be understated and is currently underutilized in the region. WCJC prepared me to go onto a four-year university and the quality of education was excellent when I had to take transfer classes for my four-year university. I would like to continue to develop our education and help more students have similar successes to mine.

When I became a board member: 2022

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