Ann Hundl, Vice-Chair

Ann HundlPosition 3

Employment: Financial advisor

Why I became a WCJC trustee: I believe that WCJC is a vital part of our community, both in the vast educational opportunities that it provides our students and in the career opportunities it provides for our residents.

What I like most about being a WCJC board member: The thing I like most about being a WCJC board member is helping to guide the college in its strategies and finances as we continue to provide a strong educational foundation for a wide variety of programs at an affordable price.

WCJC benefits the community by: WCJC benefits the community by providing a wide variety of educational opportunities including developing trade skills as well as preparation for transferring to a four-year educational institution. WCJC’s primary focus is student success. Through the guidance of our dedicated instructors and staff members, we strive to ensure that our students create the life they want by furthering their education in whatever area they choose.

How my experience with WCJC has affected my life: My experience with WCJC has made me more aware of the challenges that the college faces from a financial and legislative perspective. It has also made me even more aware of the importance and value that having a junior college in our community provides and has made me more committed to ensuring the ongoing success of the school.

When I became a board member: Appointed in February 2014, elected in May 2014.


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