Amy Rod, Chair

Amy RodPosition 4

Employment: Attorney, Paul Webb P.C. 

Why I became a WCJC Trustee:  I became a Trustee because I felt that serving on the board would enable me to be a part of a college that offers so much to the community. The idea of serving the students, faculty, and administration through the work of the Board of Trustees was something I thought was very worthwhile.

What I like most about being a WCJC board member:  I like that I am continually learning ways that WCJC helps to prepare students for further education or the job force.  I enjoy hearing about WCJC student success though the wide variety of programs the college offers.  I am also continually impressed with the faculty and staff’s commitment to every single student.

WCJC benefits the community by:  WCJC offers students who want to pursue four-year degrees an affordable, student-focused pathway to a four-year university.  The college also offers two-year degrees, job training, and vocational programs which enable students who are not interested in a four year degree the ability to enter the workforce or enhance their skills and contribute to our economy.  All of these options are available close to home and at an affordable price.

How my experience with WCJC has affected my life:  In the three years I have been on the board, I have learned a tremendous amount about what a community college can do for its students and the community in general.  I have enjoyed becoming educated not only about the financial and operational details of the college, but also about how outside forces make strategic planning necessary.  I now know that work must be done to make sure that the college continues to keep the highest standards while still providing an affordable education.

When I became a board member:  I was appointed to replace Phil Stephenson in January, 2013.  I was then elected in May, 2014.

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