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Information Regarding Staff Compensation


Texas Government Code Section 659.026 (b)   Information

  1. Wharton County Junior College employed 333 full time personnel during 2020.

  2. The College received state appropriations of  $9,695,668 for fiscal 2020 and $9,423,975 for fiscal  2019

  3.  Equation of Experience for Faculty and Administrative Staff outlines the college’s compensation of executive staff. The Director of Human Resources determines the compensation with Vice President or Presidential approval.  https://pol.tasb.org/Policy/Download/1212?filename=DEA(LOCAL).html&title=COMPENSATION%20AND%20BENEFITS&subtitle=SALARIES%20AND%20WAGES

  4. The college has had Directors and Deans receive PPAs (supplements) in the past.

  5. A market average for similar executive staff in the private and public sectors is unknown.

  6. The average compensation paid to employees who are not executive staff is $53,958.

  7. The percentage increase in compensation of executive staff for each fiscal year of five preceding fiscal years is as follows:    FY21 0.0% FY 20 12.27%  FY19 1.34% FY18 1.30%  FY17 1.99% FY16 1.34%  FY 15 1.36%  and FY14 2.79%

  (Source:   Business Office, Human Resources, and Payroll Departments)

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