How to Give

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As we raise the final $1 million for this ___ million dollar project, the most pressing need is for cash. However, we welcome in-kind gifts (such as equipment) and other non-cash donations- all of which will help to expand the M.G. & Lillie A. Johnson Health Occupations Center.

Convenience of Cash
Cash is a popular form of charitable gifts, easily recorded through canceled checks and receipts. As an itemizer, you may deduct cash gifts up to 50 percent of your adjusted gross income. Any excess may be deducted over the next five years.

Save by Non-cash Gifts
Stocks (including mutual funds), many bonds, other publicly traded securities, and certain other non-cash properties make excellent gifts.

Increased in Value?
When securities and other qualified properties have increased in value and have been held for at least a year and a day, you can usually save more by giving such property rather than an equivalent amount of cash. You receive a double tax benefit when you give appreciated property. You are allowed to deduct the cost of the increase in value without paying the capital gains tax which would be due on the sale of a property.

Decreased in Value?
If the property you wish to give has decreased in value, it is usually best to sell it and give the cash proceeds. You may then be able to take a capital loss on your federal income tax return, as well as a deduction for the amount of the resulting cash gift.

Matching Gifts
Many corporations have a complete matching gift policy. If you qualify, be sure to complete the necessary form to multiply your gift dollars.

Deferred Gifts
Would you consider a gift through a charitable remainder trust or other gift plan? If the gift is finalized before the end of the year, you will receive a charitable deduction for the year.

For information on How to Give, please call WCJC's Office of Marketing and Communications at 979.532-6322.



Naming Opportunities

Only $1 million remains to be raised for this $6.5 million project. Donations may be made for specific items listed below or to the Johnson Building Expansion and Renovation general fund.

All donations of $100 or more will be recognized inside the main entrance, as follows:

Gift Amount Recognition 
$100-$999 Supporters Listed in the President's Report to the Community
$1000-$4999 Donors Name on donor plaque, listed in the President's Report to the Community
$5000-$24,999 Friends Name on donor plaque, listed in the President's Report to the Community, listed on the college's website

Gifts may also be made to construct and equip a designated portion of the M.G. & Lillie A. Johnson Health Occupations Center, which will then be named after the donor.

New Addition, 18,000 sf:  
2,400 sf Grand Lobby: $300,000.00
New mezzanine with large open seating/lounge area: $200,000.00
Covered exterior patio seating areas: $75,000.00
New 10-bed nursing lab, including storage room, debriefing area, etc.: $50,000.00
New 10-bed nursing lab, including storage room, debriefing area, etc. $50,000.00
New 30-student nursing classroom:  $25,000.00
New 30-student nursing classroom:  $25,000.00
New EMS classroom and lab (all new EMS facilities, relocated from another building): $50,000.00
New ICU room:  $25,000.00
New ICU room: $25,000.00
New ICU room: $25,000.00


Renovation of Existing 2-Story 36,000 sf Building:  
New 30-student dental hygiene classroom: $25,000.00
New 30-student dental hygiene classroom: $25,000.00
New dental hygiene sterilization room: $25,000.00
New shared computer lab: $25,000.00
New shared classroom: $25,000.00
New shared classroom: $25,000.00


Donor Pledge Card

The donor pledge card available at the link below, provides donors with a simple and printable form for submitting your donations easily. Click on the link to download and print the PDF form.

Donor Pledge PDF Form

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