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Quality Enhancement Plan

Choose. Connect. Complete., the Wharton County Junior College (WCJC) Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), is focused on promoting student success by providing students with the knowledge, skills, and support systems to effectively navigate through their college career.  The overarching goal of the WCJC QEP is to enhance student success by providing access to resources that will allow students to become more intentional in their ability to:

  • Choose an academic pathway based on career goals, personal interests, and labor market values;
  • Connect with the college through utilization of appropriate college services;
  • Complete a major pathway in less time by improving persistence, graduation, and transfer rates.

Required as part of the ten year SACSCOC reaffirmation process, a QEP is a plan that arises from a college's institutional planning process and is focused on improving student learning and/or student success.  As part of the 2018 Reaffirmation of Accreditation, WCJC has engaged in an intensive process to develop a QEP that will provide students with access to the resources and services they need to be successful in their educational pursuits and life goals.

The full WCJC QEP can be found here.

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