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QEP Outcomes and Strategies

The QEP Planning Committee developed a distinct set of strategies to provide a roadmap for implementation of the WCJC QEP.  These strategies provide the foundational basis for achieving the Student Success Outcome for Destination Bound: Choose. Connect. Complete. which seeks to improve student persistence, graduation, and/or transfer rates by providing students with access to resources that will allow them to:

  • Apply information, including career goals, personal interests, and labor market values, when choosing a major pathway.
  • Utilize technology to monitor progress toward achieving their academic goals.
  • Be aware of and more readily use college services through enhanced personal connections with professional advisors and pathway coaches.  

In order to ensure the viability of the plan, the QEP Planning Committee sought to identify a target population for Destination Bound:Choose. Connect. Complete. that encompassed a significant percentage of WCJC students while remaining focused and manageable.  In an attempt to mirror the cohorts identified in various strategic initiatives, such as Texas Success Pathways and Achieving the Dream, and to align with key institutional data points that were reviewed during the analysis phase of development of the QEP topic, the QEP Planning Committee selected FTIC students as the target population for the WCJC QEP.  The plan will begin with a cohort of FTIC college-ready (CR) vocational students in Year 1 and will expand to include FTIC Associate of Arts (AA) and not college-ready (NCR) vocational students in Year 2 and beyond.  By targeting this group of students, the plan will be readily implemented, monitored, and assessed while remaining focused and realistic in terms of time, capacity, or cost.