QEP Presentations

Continual communication regarding the WCJC QEP is a vital factor in ensuring the overarching success of the plan.  As such, regular presentations are scheduled to provide opportunities for the QEP Planning Committee and QEP Implementation Team to discuss all phases of the QEP process with WCJC faculty, staff, and students.

Welcome Week: Students were re-introduced to the WCJC QEP during their first week of classes.  All faculty provided information and flyers to students on the first day of the new school year.  In addition, booths with promotional materials were set up across all campuses for students to grab on their way to class!

Fall 2018 Convocation: Staff and faculty were invited to attend a presentation about the WCJC QEP during the Fall 2018 Convocation held on August 24, 2018.  Speakers included key members of the QEP Implementation Team, most notably one of the inaugural Vocational Pathway Coaches!  In addition, faculty and staff were treated to a wide array ofDestination Bound: Choose. Connect. Complete. promotional items during Convocation lunch!   

2018 Employee Banquet: Employees were treated to a "sneak peek" of the newly designed promotional materials for the WCJC QEP at the 2018 Employee Banquet held on April 27, 2018.  All employees in attendance received a Destination Bound: Choose. Connect. Complete. T-shirt and informational flyer about the plan.

Initiative-itis:  In Spring 2018, all faculty, staff, and administration were invited to attend a forum to discuss multiple initiatives at WCJC, most notably the new WCJC QEP. 

Spring 2018 Convocation:  All faculty and staff were presented with information related to the new WCJC QEP during the bi-annual Convocation held in January 2018. 

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