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QEP Topic Development and Selection
The selection of Destination Bound:Choose. Connect. Complete. as the WCJC QEP topic occurred following the consideration of strategic priorities arising from the institution’s ongoing planning process and a comprehensive analysis of WCJC student success data, including enrollment, retention, and completion measures. 
The data reviewed indicated that WCJC first-time in college students were under-performing on several key success metrics, with only 25% of students completing 30 semester credit hours in their first year, a Fall-to-Fall persistence rate of 55%, and a three-year graduation rate of 18%.  In addition, student perception of various support services indicated a need for improvement, with 31% of students responding that they didn’t feel that they received the support they needed to be successful.
The findings from this data analysis were further bolstered through the inclusion of broad-based input from multiple institutional constituencies, specifically faculty, staff, and students, through the use of focus groups and surveys.  Feedback was solicited regarding those areas most in need of improvement, specifically services and resources related to student persistence and success. From this inquiry process, themes arose related to the need to refine processes for pathway selection for incoming students, augment support services through the further enhancement of proactive advising strategies, and improve student completion metrics, specifically with regard to college credit completion, student retention, and graduation and transfer rates.
Following these various processes, the QEP Planning Committee finalized the topic for the institution’s new QEP to be:

Destination Bound:Choose. Connect. Complete.

The overarching goal of the WCJC QEP is to enhance student success by providing access to resources that will allow students to become more intentional in their ability to:
  • Choose an academic pathway based on career goals, personal interests, and labor market values.
  • Connect with the college through utilization of appropriate college services.
    Complete a major pathway in less time by improving persistence, graduation, and transfer rates.
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