Applying to the Academy:

All applicants MUST apply and meet all admission requirements to Wharton County Junior College. The following items must be completed for acceptance into the Police Academy:

  • Complete and return the Police Academy Application to the academy office.  You may do this by email, mail, fax, or hand delivery.  The required registration/information packet will be sent to you as soon as they are prepared for the requested class.  We can send the information to you via email or mail.
  • All applicants MUST successfully complete and pass the physical agility entrance assessment.  A list of dates will be included in the packet.  An appointment may be scheduled with the academy office for the requested date.  You will be required to perform the following:
    • 1 1/2 mile timed run:  18 minutes 30 seconds
    • Push-ups:  15 in one minute
    • Sit-ups:  20 in one minute
  • All applicants MUST pass a psychological examination with the Academy's designated licensed psychologist. (See academy packet for details/required form)  Fee: $200
  • All applicants MUST pass a physical examination w/drug screen from the Academy's designated physician. (See academy packet for details/required form) 
  • All applicants MUST pass a Criminal Background check. (See academy packet for details/required form)
  • Registration of classes may be completed at any of our WCJC campuses.  A registration form will be provided in the academy packet.  Tuition/Fees are due at time of registration.


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