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Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing TechnologyTenaris Industrial Center in Veracruz, Mexico. 

This one-year program is designed to give students a technical-level specialized career tract option in the technical areas of either electrical, instrumentation, or mechanical maintenance, culminating into one of three certificate choices in the fields of Electrical Technician , Instrumentation & Control Technician, or Mechanical Technician.

These certificates educate qualified, professional persons that address industry's demand for specialized technicians in the areas of Electrical, Instrumentation, and Mechanical. The program prepares individuals to apply basic engineering technology principles, mechatronics, and other technical skills in support of maintenance and operational requirements of electrical and instrumentation and control, and mechanical equipment used in many sectors of industry; including power generation, chemical processing, manufacturing, and others.

The program is intended to maximize a student's opportunity for immediate exit for employment or provide options to pursue a related program's AAS Degree specialty after completion of certificate requirements.

These certificates may also be used as enhancements to existing related degrees such as Nuclear Power Technology or Process Technology, or other AAS Degrees by providing students more flexibility in their employment options.

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