Program Curriculum

This is a recommended list of courses for students who plan to major in Mathematics at a university. Students who complete this program will be eligible to apply for the Associate of Arts degree at WCJC. Courses that must be taken in order to satisfy AA degree requirements are listed with the corresponding WCJC Core 030 Curriculum Component. Courses that are listed as “Recommended” are electives that will contribute to AA degree requirements. Different electives may be chosen, but must be selected from academic rather than technical courses, as indicated in the course descriptions.

WCJC’s AA degree requires 60 hours, and students should be aware they may not be able to transfer more than 60-66 hours.

Course Course Title Degree Requirements Sem. Hours
Freshman Year, First Semester
MATH 2413 Calculus Core 020 4
ENGL 1301 Composition I Core 010 3
HIST 1301 US History I Core 060 3
BIOL 1406, CHEM 1411, or PHYS 1401 Biology I General Chemistry I Physics I Core 030 4
SPCH 1315 Fundamentals of Speech Core 011 3
  17 sem. hrs
Freshman Year, Second Semester
MATH 2414 Calculus II Recommended 4
ENGL 1302 Composition II Core 010 3
HIST 1302 US History II Core 060 3
BIOL 1407, CHEM 1412, or PHYS 1402 Biology II General Chemistry II  Physics II Core 030 4
PHED Activity Any PHED Activity course Core 090 1
  15 sem. hrs
Sophomore Year, First Semester
MATH 2415 Calculus III Recommended 4
Social/Behavioral Science Any Social/Behavioral Science course Core 080 3
GOVT 2305 Federal Government Core 070 3
Humanities Any Humanities course Core 040 3
PHYS 2425 Engineering Physics I Recommended 4
  17 sem. hrs
Sophomore Year, Second Semester
MATH 2320 Differential Equations Recommended 3
Perf/Visual Arts Any ARTS, MUSI, DRAM course Core 050 3
GOVT 2306 Texas Government Core 070 3
Humanities Any Humanities course Core 040 3
PHYS 2426 Engineering Physics II Recommended 4
  16 sem. hrs
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