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Dual Credit Programs


Certification for Early Admission 
(Dual Credit or Concurrent Courses)

Public/Private/Home-schooled high school students may attend Wharton County Junior College Dual Credit courses following the completion of their sophomore year in high school.

Required documents:

1, Submitted electronic application or completed and signed paper application. Please do not fill out an application every semester, unless pertinent information such as residency changes. 

  • Apply online at www.wcjc.edu. Left-click on “Admissions and Registration”; click on “ApplyTexas.org”, and follow the instructions to complete online application. Please allow up to 96 hours processing time. Students will receive written notification (email or letter) of acceptance. 
  • A paper application may be obtained from the Registrar’s office, or online at www.wcjc.edu; “Admissions and Registration”, “Application for Admissions Form”. 

2, A current, official high school transcript. A transcript will be required at the end of the 10th and 11th grades. Official high school transcript can be sent electronically to the Registrar’s office, mailed to Wharton County Junior College, 911 Boling Highway-Wharton, TX 77488, or hand delivered to any WCJC campus in a sealed envelope from the high school. Opened envelopes or unofficial transcripts will not be accepted.

3. Official COMPASS alternative or exemption test scores that meet the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) as required by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Exemptions include:

  • The student is an eleventh grade student who achieve a TAKS minimum score of 2200 on math and/or English/Language Arts (ELA) with a writing sub-score of 3 for a period of 3 years from the date of the testing. 
  • The student achieves an SAT combined total score of 1070, or higher, with a minimum of 500 in both math and critical reading (Verbal) taken within the time limits defined by the THECB rule-5years from the date of testing
  • The student achieves an ACT composite score of 23, or higher, with a minimum 19, or higher, on both math and English taken within the time limits defined by the THECB rule-5years from the date of testing.

4. Completed Certificate for Early Admission form, available online at www.wcjc,edu, under “Admissions and Registration”, “Forms”, “Early Admission Form”. This form can also be requested from the high school counselor’s office. Signatures from the Student, Parent/Legal Guardian and Principal are required.

Other information:

Juniors may take more than two dual credit courses (maximum of three courses) under the following conditions:

  • Class rank must be in the top 25%

  • Meet all of WCJC admission requirements.

Seniors may take more than two dual credit courses (maximum of four courses) under the following conditions:

  • Class rank must be in the top 25% or must have made A’s or B’s in Junior level dual credit courses

  • Meet all of WCJC admission requirements.

Prior to registration, a list of students who are eligible to take three or four courses should be emailed from the high school principal to the WCJC Instructional Coordinator in the Office of the Senior Vice President of Instruction at 
" natalies@wcjc.edu".

All ITV (Interactive Television Courses) classes are “pooled” with other high schools and a specific number of seats are allocated to each school. Enrollment in ITV or any dual credit class taught by a WCJC instructor are on a “first come, first serve” basis. Students who register and pay first will be enrolled in the class. When the class reaches its maximum number of students, the class will be closed.

High school students are not allowed to take remedial/developmental courses.

Students must register and pay for classes every semester. Early registration and payment ensures a class seat.

  • Early Fall registration begins the first week of July

  • Early Spring registration begins on November 1st

  • Early Summer registration for both Summer I and Summer II courses begins April 1st

Financial information:

Tuition and fees must be paid at the time of registration each semester. Tuition and fees are charged according to the number of semester credit hours (SCH) a student enrolls in. Current tuition and general fees are published on the www.wcjc.edu website.

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