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What can you do with a degree in Speech Communication?

Careers in Business and Industry:

Examples:  sales, business manager, middle-level executive manager speech writer, opinion researcher, customer service representative, communication consultant, director of communication, training and development specialist, special events planner and coordinator, and pharmaceutical salesperson.

Careers in Media, Marketing, and Advertising:

Examples: account executive, marketing specialist, media buyer, media relations specialist, and booking agent. public information officer, newsletter editor, communications officer, sports information officer, public relations representative, marketing director, administrative aide, director of corporate communication.

Careers in Government and Education:

Examples:  press secretary, public affairs specialist, news bureau writer or editor, publication copywriter, community affairs specialist, and university professor

Careers in Law:

Examples: public defender, corporate lawyer, district attorney, public interest lawyer, legal researcher, mediation and negotiation specialist, paralegal researcher, legal educator.

Careers in Ministry:

Examples:  minister, religious educator.


Examples:  reporter, news editor, camera operator, announcer, programmer, technician, advertising sales representative.


Examples:  reporter, editor, photojournalist, advertising sales representative, business manager, circulation manager.


Examples:  account executive, account manager, media buyer, copywriter, designer, art director.

Book Publishing:

Examples:  editor, production staff, publicist, book sales and marketing representative.


Students combining a speech communication major with teacher education usually teach in secondary schools. A master's degree is often adequate for community colleges or small four-year colleges, while a Ph.D. is usually required for university faculty positions. The Chronicle of Higher Education has predicted that acute shortages of faculty are expected by the beginning of the next century. Careers: high school teacher and/or forensic and debate coach, professor of communication..
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