Faculty and Staff

Sharon Prince

Department Head/Instructor of English

5333 FM 1640
Richmond, Tx.  77469
Phone:  281-239-1574
Email: SharonP@wcjc.edu

Sharon Prince has taught for over twenty-five years. She earned her B.A. and M.A. in English from Radford University. She teaches both face-to-face and online classes. She has served as the English department head since 2004.

Phyllis Appling

College Readiness/Parallel Studies Coordinator/Developmental Writing Instructor

Peace- 205
911 Boling Hwy.
Wharton, Tx.  77488
Phone:  979-532-6502
Email:  phyllisa@wcjc.edu

Mrs. Appling received her AA degree from WCJC, a BBA from Sam Houston State University, and an MEd in Reading from the University of Houston –Victoria. She has taught at WCJC for more than twenty-five years, and includes in her courses of expertise: ESL; GED preparation; resumè writing; and job skills. She has taught READ 0306, READ 0307, and ENGL 0307 on the main campus; now teaches INRW 0306 and NCBI 0306.

Pamela Armentrout

Instructor of English

Science Building #209
911 Boling Hwy.
Wharton, Tx.  77488
Phone:  979-532-6470
Email:  PArmentrout@wcjc.edu

Ms. Armentrout received her BA and MA from Texas A & M University.  She has taught at WCJC for more than twenty years.  She currently teaches ENGL 1301 and ENGL 2311 online and on the main campus in Wharton. 

Dana Bramble

Instructor of English

5333 FM1640
Richmond, Tx.  77469
Ph:  281-239-1584
Email:  danab@wcjc.edu


Dana Bramble received her degree in education from Southwest Texas State
University and has 17 years of teaching experience. She has been teaching full
time at WCJC since 2001. Mrs. Bramble has taught ENGL 0307, READ 0306, and READ
0307; she now teaches INRW 0306 and NCBI 0306. Her College Readiness courses
integrate technology with the writing process

Rick Bush

Instructor of English

14004 University Blvd.
Sugarland, Tx.  77479
Phone:  281-243-8523
Email:  BushR@wcjc.edu

Mr. Frederick (Rick) Bush earned both his B.A. (English and German) and M.A. (German with a minor in English) at Texas Tech University and completed additional graduate coursework in English at both the University of Houston and the University of St. Thomas. Prior to joining the WCJC faculty, his professional teaching experience included two years of German 1401 and 1402 at Texas Tech University, five years of high-school English, and three years as a corporate trainer. After three years as an adjunct instructor, he joined the English Department full-time in August 2004, and he has taught English 1301, 1302, 2322, 2323, 2327, and 2341 at WCJC. Mr. Bush combines his love of writing with his passion for baseball as a member of the Society for American Baseball Research’s Educational Resources Committee and contributes articles to both SABR’s Biography and Games Projects for publication online and in print.

Dr. Jackie Cooper-Edwards

Instructor of English

5333 FM 1640
Richmond, Tx. 77469
Phone:  281-239-1587
Email:  edwardsj@wcjc.edu

Jackie Cooper Edwards has over 18 years of experience in education. Prior to joining the WCJC faculty as an adjunct instructor in 2006, she began her educational career as a Language Arts teacher on the
junior-high and high-school levels.  She earned her B.A. (English) from Fisk University and M.A. (English) at Texas Southern University.  Most recently, she earned her Ed. D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Houston. She currently teaches English Composition 1301 and 1302 on the main campus.  


Cindy Diener

Instructor of English

911 Boling Hwy.
Wharton, Tx. 77488
Phone:  979-532-6433
Email:  dienerc@wcjc.edu

Cindy Diener has a Bachelor’s of Science in Education from Texas A & M University (Dec. 1990) and a Master’s of Interdisciplinary Studies in English and Psychology from the University of Houston-Victoria (August 1996). Her years of teaching experience span the junior high, high school, and college levels. Her previous college teaching experience includes 10 years for The Victoria College and 6 years part-time for WCJC before being hired full-time by WCJC in 2011. Cindy’s academic interests include technology, feminist literature, and British literature. Her personal and academic motto is “Anything is possible,” and she approaches each day as though this is the rule and not the exception.

Ava Humme

Instructor of English

14004 University Blvd.
Sugarland, Tx.  77479
Phone:  281-243-8508
Email:  avah@wcjc.edu

Ava King Humme received her B.A. in Journalism from Texas A & M University and M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, with additional graduate course work in English Literature, from the University of Houston-Victoria. Since 1991 she has taught for WCJC in various departments, including Vocational Education, Adult Basic Education, Developmental Studies, English, and Humanities. Ms. Humme has taught at the University of Houston-Victoria and for Region IV of the Texas Education Agency and volunteered as a Special Education reading tutor for middle school students in Fort Bend ISD.  She also has a strong professional background as a writer and editor for several major energy companies.

Suzan King

Online Instructor of English

Email:  Kings@wcjc.edu

Suzan King received her B.A. in Humanities and her M.A. in English from Oklahoma State University.  She has taught ENGL 1301 and 1302 at WCJC since 2005.

Angela Kocurek

Instructor of English

Fine Arts Building-103
911 Boling Hwy.
Wharton, Tx.  77488
Phone:  979-532-6435
Email:  KocurekA@wcjc.edu

Angela Kocurek teaches composition and literature at the main campus.  She is completing her Ph.D. in English and American Literature, with a specialization in British Literature from 1798 to 1832, from the University of Houston.  Trained in nineteeth-century poetry and fiction, she also writes on philosophies of beauty and art, ethical criticism, and popular culture.

Mary Lang

Instructor of English

5333 FM 1640
Richmond, Tx.  77469
Phone:  281-239-1576
Email: maryl@wcjc.edu
URL: http://facultyweb.wcjc.edu/mlang/

Mary Lang received a B.A. in English and Spanish from East Texas State Univerrsity, an M.A. and is ABD in English from Texas Tech University, and an M.A.T. in Teaching from the University of Southern California.  She has taught English, Spanish, Reading, Film Studies, and Humanities at a range of institutions.  She has been active in regional, national, and international organizational organizations in the field as a board member.

Karen Lescure

Instructor of English

14004 University Blvd.
Sugarland, Tx.  77479
Phone:  281-243-8530
Email: karenl@wcjc.edu
URL: http://facultyweb.wcjc.edu/KLescure/

Karen Lescure graduated with her master’s degree in English in 1997 and teaches English for Wharton County Junior College at the Sugar Land campus. She has been full-time faculty member since the fall of 2004. In addition to teaching English, Karen also enjoys writing in her spare time and has published a narrative in the Houston Chronicle's Texas Magazine.

Dr. Joy Magowan

Instructor of English

5333 FM 1640
Richmond, Tx.  77469
Phone:  281-239-1562
Email:  magowanj@wcjc.edu

Joy Magowan began teaching for Wharton Community Junior College in Fall 2012.  Previously, Dr. Magowan taught for the US Department of Defense Dependent Schools and the University of Maryland University College Europe, living outside of the United States for 26 years.   Magowan received an MA from Arizona State University in 1984 and a PhD from the University of Oklahoma in 2006. 

George "Rob" Robertson

Instructor of English

14004 University Blvd.
Sugarland, Tx.  77479
Phone:  281-243-8523
Email:  BushR@wcjc.edu

Mr. Robertson received his Bachelor of Science degree from Sam Houston State University. He has been teaching Developmental English and Reading at WCJC for over twenty years, and currently has his office and classes at the Sugar Land campus. Mr. Robertson has taught ENGL 0307, READ 0306, and READ 0307; now teaches INRW 0306 and NCBI 0306.

Dr. Carolyn Stice

Temporary Full Time Instructor of English

Online Instructor of English
Email:  SticeC@wcjc.edu

Carolyn Stice received her doctorate from the University of Tennessee Knoxville, specializing in poetry. She has a special interest in the work of female writers and in post-colonial literature. She currently
lives in northern New Mexico with her family, where she enjoys hiking, gardening, bird-watching, and yoga.

Jessi Snider

Instructor of English

5333 FM 1640
Richmond, Tx.  77469
Phone:  281-239-1588
Email:  Sniderj@wcjc.edu

Jessi Snider has a BS and MA from the University of Houston system and is currently a doctoral candidate at Texas A&M University.  She has taught at both the high school and college levels.  Jessi's academic interests include Victorian literature, postmodern literature, and literary theory. 

Lauren Sullivan

Instructor of English

911 Boling Hwy. 
Wharton, Tx.  77488
Phone:  979-532-6401

Email: SullivanL@wcjc.edu 

Ms.Sullivan has been with WCJC since 2014. She teaches ENGL 1301 and 1302. She earned her bachelor's degree at Stephen F. Austin and her master's at Northern Arizona University.

Jeff Tix

Instructor of English

5333 FM 1640
Richmond, Tx.  77469
Phone:  281-239-1512
Email:  TixJ@wcjc.edu

Jeff spent over two decades in systems consulting before turning to his true interest of teaching.  Even in private industry, he taught classes whenever possible.  His BA is in Business Analysis, and he has an MBA in Finance, as well as an MA in English with a minor in History.  He is a serious music collector and a serious cook.

 Adjunct Instructors 

William Albritton

Adjunct Instructor of Philosophy (online)

Email: AlbrittonA@wcjc.edu

William Albritton has been teaching for fifteen years, beginning as a graduate assistant at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. He later taught at South Arkansas Community College and has been teaching online Philosophy for WCJC since 2009.

Bruce Autry

Adjunct Instructor of English 

Email: BruceA@wcjc.edu

Mr. Autry has been teaching for 36 years, including stints at the University of New Orleans, Lamar University in Beaumont, and ten years now at WCJC. He received his B.A. in English from the University of North Carolina, and his master’s degree from East Carolina University. In 2009 Mr. Autry received a grant for study at Oxford University in the English Language Seminar.

Dalia El Metwally

Adjunct Instructor of English

Email: elmetwallyd@wcjc.edu

Dalia El Metwally has taught for over twenty years. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English and her first Masters of Arts degree in Applied Linguistics from Alexandria University. She earned her second Masters of Arts degree in English in 2006 from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where she subsequently finished all Ph.D. program course work and is currently working on her dissertation.  

Martha Harrison

Adjunct Instructor of English

Email: HarrisonM@wcjc.edu

Martha Taylor Harrison is a graduate of Wharton County Junior College and Texas A & M University-Kingsville, with a B. A. in English/Speech and an M.A. in English/Education. Retired from forty years of public school instruction at Port Arthur ISD and Alief ISD, Ms. Harrison has taught the English composition courses at WCJC since 2007.


Pamela Denise Hinson

Adjunct Instructor of English

Email:  HinsonD@wcjc.edu

Denise Hinson holds a BA in Literary Arts (Prescott College), a MA in Humanities (California State University, Dominguez Hills) and an MFA in Dramatic Writing (University of New Mexico).  She has taught at the high school and college level for over a decade, including Composition, Communications, Creative Writing, and Literature.  Denise's research focuses on feminist literature.  Denise is a lso a nationally produced playwright


Patti Jones

Adjunct Instructor of English

Email: JonesP@wcjc.edu

Pat has a B.A. in both English and History from St. Edward's University in Austin, an M.Ed. from the University of Houston, and an M.A. in Literature from the University of Houston at Clear Lake.

Pat teaches English 1301 and 1302 and has been with WCJC since fall, 2015.

Dr. Danielle Olivier Jackson

Adjunct Instructor of English

Email: jacksond@wcjc.edu

Danielle Jackson received her BA in political science from Lamar University. She returned to Lamar University to also receive her MA in English where her thesis: Brown Eyes won the TACWT graduate fiction award. Danielle completed her PhD in Education: Curriculum and Instruction at Oklahoma State University. Danielle has taught both on the high school and college level in both Texas and Oklahoma.


Ashlea Massie

Adjunct Instructor of English

Email:  MassieA@wcjc.edu 

Ashlea Massie received her B.A. in English from Thomas Edison State University and her M.A. in English from The University of Texas at Tyler, with a focus on literature. In her spare time she writes articles and devotions for various Christian magazines and websites.


Melissa Morse

Adjunct Instructor of English

Email: MorseM@wcjc.edu

Melissa Morse earned her A.A. degree from WCJC in 1989 and graduated from Texas State University with a B.A. in English and Secondary Education in 1991. She taught high school English for South San Antonio ISD and Needville ISD and later took time off to stay home with her children. She received her M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies focusing on English and Education from the University of Houston Victoria in 2006 and returned to teaching English for Lamar Consolidated ISD at Foster High School. She has been teaching Dual Credit English for WCJC since 2007 and enjoys preparing high school seniors for college.

Jimidene Murphey

Adjunct Instructor of Humanities

Email: murpheyj@wcjc.edu

Jimidene Murphey has 25 years experience in the classroom.  She earned a B.B.A. and M.B.A. in marketing and management from Tarleton State University, and completed her M.A. in composition/rhetoric and technical writing at Texas Tech University.  Ms. Murphey has taught at South Plains College, Clarendon College, Victoria College, University of Houston, and WCJC.  Additionally, she has prepared over 32 ancillaries for English and business textbooks and was a part of a grant to bring online student services to rural college. 

Ana Patrick

Adjunct Instructor of Spanish

Email:  PatrickA@wcjc.edu

Anna G. Patrick received her B.A. in Corporate Communications and Spanish, and her M.A. in Spanish Linguistics and Latin American Literature from the University of Houston.  Part of her graduate studies were completed at Universidad de Salamanca in Spain.  She has taught Spanish language classes at Lone Star College-North Harris and WCJC.


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