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The Department of Drama offers several scholarship opportunities for new and returning students. Students in all majors may audition for the following awards:

  • The Wharton County Junior College Board of Trustees Scholarships are made available to outstanding students in the fields of music, athletics, drama, and speech. These scholarships are awarded through competitive examinations and/or auditions. Arrangements should be made through the heads of WCJC's Music, Athletic, and Drama and Speech Departments. Scholarships may not be used to exceed tuition and fee costs from any other source funded by the college.
  • The Fine Arts Scholarship:   Two incoming Freshman, Drama students are awarded the fine arts scholarship. Consideration for these awards is based on students' audition, high school transcripts, and past theatrical work.
  • The Nancy Stephens Woodson Memorial Endowment Scholarship:   was established by the family of Nancy Stephens Woodson in 1998 and is awarded to one or more theatre students who have completed their first year of study at WCJC. 
  • The Horton Foote Scholarship was generously donated by the Wharton County Junior College Booster club to recognize the outstanding theatre student in their second year of study. One award is made annually.

Application for Scholarships:

Who is eligible?    

All incoming and returning students who wish to study theatre arts.

How do I apply?    

First contact the theatre director, Greg McLarty, at (979) 532-6397. Arrange a time for audition. You will be asked to complete a scholarship application at that time. Auditions are accepted throughout the year including the summer months depending on the availability of the theatre director.

What do I audition?    

Consider your strengths. Students who are most interested in performance opportunities should prepare two contrasting monologues, dramatic and comedic. Try to limit your audition material to no more than three minutes total. Students who are more interested in technical theatre should prepare a three minute presentation of their work. Students are encouraged to show designs, working drawings, or pictures of their work.

What is considered?    

The most important part of the audition is how you present yourself, but there are other factors that will be considered. Your high school or college G. P. A.; academic or art awards you may have received, your previous experience in theatre, and potential conflicts with work or class schedules will also be evaluated. Also, a letter of recommendation from a former theatre teacher would be helpful, but it is not required.

Where will I Audition?    

In The Horton Foote Theatre.

How Long will the Audition take?    

For incoming students, it takes about 30 minutes. You will be given a tour of our facilities and the theatre director will talk with you about your future goals and explain how our program works

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