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Employee Outlook 365 Tutorials
Employee Email is now provided through Microsoft Office - Outlook 365.  This site is designated for employee training in this new tool.  

Although Outlook 365 includes various components, the WCJC IT Department currently supports: email management, contacts, calendar and tasks. 

The following table contains links to tutorials on some of the most commonly used commands.  If you need instructions on other Outlook 365 functions, please open an IT Help Desk Ticket available on Intranet.

Outlook 365 Tutorials

 Office 365 Essentials  Office365 Intermediate

Access Outlook  365 

Create a Desktop Icon for Outlook 365 

Navigate Outlook 365

Focused Mail Box

Show Email as Messages, not Conversations

 Change Default Reply Settings

Create a Message

Drafts and Editing

Add Signature to Email


Save an Email

Printing Messages

Delete Messages

Set up Auto Reply

Block Senders

Change Network Password

 Contact Essentials

Getting Started with OneDrive

Calendar Essentials


Add Outlook 365 to Your Phone

Recovering Deleted Items

Email Your Class

 Create a Distribution List 



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