Residency Information and Requirements

Students are classified as Texas residents or non-Texas residents for the purpose of assessing tuition and fees. Texas residents must be further classified as either in-district or out-of-district residents.

Texas Resident

In general, an adult who has resided continuously within the State of Texas for twelve months prior to his/her original registration. Or, if a minor, one whose parent(s) or legal guardian meets this qualification. Additional conditions apply in some situations.

  • In-District Resident

    In general, an adult who as a Texas resident has resided continuously within, and paid property taxes to, the Wharton County Junior College District (Wharton County and the Needville Independent School District) for six months prior to his/her original registration, or if a minor, one whose parent(s) or legal guardian meets this qualification. Occasionally, in fringe areas, the question of residency will have to be determined by whether or not WCJC taxes are paid on ones home. 


    Resident- A Texas resident who does not qualify as an in-district resident.


A student who does not qualify as a Texas resident. 

Proof of Residency

Section 54.051(b) of the Texas Education Code requires documentation of residency for persons enrolling in public institutions of higher education.

Persons classified as residents are required to provide proof that they are entitled to be so classified and to agree to notify the proper institutional official if for any reason the classification becomes inappropriate.

In addition to documenting residency, WCJC is responsible for reviewing enrollment or registration applications for errors, inconsistencies, or misclassifications of residence status. Written documentation to resolve any problems noted is required, and a copy of such is maintained in the student's file for audit review.

Further, at minimum, each institution must file and maintain a copy of one or more appropriately dated documents that certify that the student classified as a resident has a legal right to such classification as of the official census date of the semester of term for which the student is enrolling. Documents acceptable for this purpose include, but are not limited to:

  • Texas high-school transcript
  • Employer statement of date of employment
  • Permanent drivers license (at least one year old). Generally the license expiration date minus date of enrollment should not exceed three years
  • Texas voter registration (at least 180 days old for in-district classification)<
  • Lease agreement that includes students name and periods covered
  • Property tax payments
  • Canceled checks

Additional information concerning admissions is available by contacting the Office of Admissions and Registration at 979-532-6303.

In Residence

Credit hours "in residence" at Wharton County Junior College refers to credits earned through WCJC. In this instance, it does not refer to a person's legal residence. For example, to earn an associate degree from WCJC, students must complete at least 24 hours at WCJC, and 9 of the last 15 semester hours must be completed at WCJC.

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