New Student Orientation

WCJC New Student Orientation is offered by your campus staff to help new WCJC students be as successful as possible at WCJC. Our goal is to answer your questions, put your fears to rest and help you get started on the right foot. We know that students that attend our orientation programs have a greater level of academic success and continue their educations in greater numbers than those students that don’t attend. New Student Orientation is available in an "In Person" format and an interactive "On Line" format.

In Person New Student Orientation

In person New Student Orientation (NSO)  programs last about 4 hours.  The NSO  programs feature; presentations by Student Service Staff, interactive sessions with faculty/ staff and other students, training for students on the registration and student account and records modules (WCJC's Online Services), and academic advising for student registration.  Students that attend NSO programs come away with a clear pathway to reach their academic goals.  NSO programs include special sessions for parents and other student support people.  NSO programs are free to students and their parents (support people).

Students must register for a specific NSO program by completing the Orientation Registration Form at least three (3) days prior to the program.  Students should click on the Orientation Registration Form and follow the directions on the form.  Students need to remember that the steps for admission (application for admission, submitting transcripts from high school or GED records, and test scores) should be completed prior to registering for an NSO program. 

Orientation Registration Form

New Student Orientation Dates for Spring 2015

(if you missed these dates, please use online New Student Orientation below)

Wharton Campus:              Richmond Campus:             Sugar Land Campus:

October 22, Noon               October 23, 2 pm                  October 21, 4 pm 

Pioneer Student Center     Room 101                              Brazos Hall


Online  New Student Orientation

WCJC's Interactive, Online  New Student Orientation offers students another option to receive the information presented during the In Person Orientation Sessions.  To participate in the Online Student Orientation, simply click on the link. Please allow time to complete the entire Online Orientation or complete a series of modules sign out and sign back in later to complete the entire orientation.  Students are responisble for knowing the material covered in the Online Orientatioin Program. The link will move to a sign in page. Sign in the page and start the orientation process. 

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