Major Pathways---FAQs

 What is a Major Pathway?

A Major Pathway is the quickest path to graduation or transfer. When a student declares a major, the student commits to a pathway of courses required for program completion.  WCJC's commitment is to help the student take the shortest path to completion.

Why Do Students Need to Follow a Major Pathway?

Courses taken outside a Major Pathway:

  • do not qualify for Federal Financial Aid, including Veteran’s Benefits
  • will cause forfeiture of Federal Financial Aid Appeal plans
  • will count toward a student’s total number of credits attempted and could affect future financial aid eligibility
  • might not apply toward graduation requirement 
  • might not transfer to another institution

Where Is the Student's Major Pathway Located?

Students declare a major during the college application process.  Each student's current declared Major Pathway is found by logging into MyWCJC or Online Services.  View "Check Registration Status and Major Pathway."

What Courses are on a Major Pathway?

All Major Pathways are listed on the Programs page. On the Programs page, view courses in a specific major pathway by selecting a program link and reviewing Program Curriculum.

How Does a Student Change a Major Pathway?

Complete a Change of Major Pathway form and submit to the Office of Admissions and Registration (OAR) in person, by fax 979-532-6494 or email (

It is strongly recommended to consult an Academic Advisor or Program Director/Division Office prior to changing a declared major to ensure efficient program completion.  View advising hours and access online advising on the Academic Advising webpage or find Program Director/Division Office contact information by program.

What Does a "Major Pathway Restriction" Error During Registration Mean?

If a student attempts to register for a course outside the declared Major Pathway, the student receives a Major Pathway Restriction Error and cannot register for that course until Academic Advisor or Division approval.

Can A Student Take a Course Outside a Major Pathway?

Yes, provided the student follows the approval process.

How does a Student Gain Approval to Enroll in a Course Outside of the Major Pathway?

  1. Complete the Major Pathway Course Override Approval Form
  2. Meet with an Academic Advisor or Program Director/Division Office for approval
  3. Submit signed form to the Office of Admissions and Registration (OAR)
  4. OAR registers student
  5. Student pays tuition and fees prior to deadline

What if a Student Has Questions About A Major Pathway?

Contact an Academic Advisor or Program Director/Division Office for more information. 

What if a Student Has Questions About the Registration Process?

Contact the Office of Admissions and Registration (OAR) in person, by phone 979-532-6303, or email (

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