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Transfer Students and Financial Aid

Any student transferring from another institution or who attended another institution of higher education previously and are applying for financial aid must have their FAFSA's electronically transferred to Wharton County Junior College by going online at www. fafsa.ed.gov and adding Wharton County Junior College as a school to which to send your FAFSA information. Our school code is 003668. Also, send in a complete grade transcript from the last school attended and any other schools that you have attended. If other documentation is needed, a request letter will be mailed to you.

The student's grade transcripts will be evaluated to determine whether or not the student is making satisfactory academic progress according to Wharton County Junior College's Satisfactory Academic Progress policy. After your grade transcript has been evaluated you will be notified, in writing, if you are deemed ineligible for financial aid at Wharton County Junior College and what your options are.

Remember you cannot receive federal aid from more than one school at a time.

Can I receive financial aid at more than one college?


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